Bell is one of the most respected brands in the majority of the primary markets of Southern India. Building on its long established domestic position, the group has in recent years sought to establish a strong presence in South India, Dubai, African Continents and Middle East Regions.

Bell Rice is still very much a family company, with the entire family being involved on the quality making in more ways than one.
At Bell we believe in trust, respect and treating people fairly and have built a team who hold these same values at the core of everything they do.

To this day, the company remains as one of the leading player’s in the market and has been at the forefront of responding to the consumer trends of safety, provenance and willingness to try the quality product.

Above all, over 36 years of reliability on Bell doesn’t happen by chance. It’s the passion for making quality rice from the best of nationally sourced raw material that has made it possible. It was established in 1983 at Komaripalem of East Godavari Dist. Andhra Pradesh, India.
The Rice Mill is a leader in the non-basmati market with state- of- art -technology in paddy procurement, quality rice production and efficient marketing.